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About Kentucky University

Kentucky University is a private, nonprofit technical online learning environment provided designed to deliver the best education to students with atypical needs.  LFI, a tax exempt charitable organi

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Check out our latest news and updates regularly.  KU is evolving and this page is the best place to follow along.


Kentucky University is a program of LFI, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation in Kentucky dedicated to providing young adults technology training opportunities.Your donations allow us to provide free cou

Kentucky University And LGBTQ Homelessness

A Private Nonprofit Adult Technical Education For Our Community

KU programs blend established college courses from a variety of sources to produce a unique curriculum that can be completed quickly and for far less than a traditional education. Our goal is not to create students but to produce competent graduates. KU is a program provided by LFI a Louisville based nonprofit trying to address LGBTQ homeless youth and the technology divide that Kentucky faces. Students who have been recently homeless attend KU courses and partner courses for free because of gifts from the community. Learn more about the greater mission of LFI and KU.

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